Hidden gluten


Hidden gluten

Hidden gluten is in when the name of an ingredient does not reflect that it contains gluten.   We tend to think of bread, cereal, and pasta as foods containing gluten, but hidden gluten is found in items we don’t typically consider to be grain products.  For example:  beer, soy sauce or malt as an ingredient.   The risk of hidden gluten can often be detected by careful label reading and familiarity with what may contain gluten ingredients.

Examples of hidden gluten

Corn flakes are made from corn so they should be gluten free.  A closer looks shows that both Nestle and Kellogg’s lists malt in the ingredients making this a gluten-full cereal.   One box shows it at barley malt and the other simply malt.  Malt is often added as a sweetener.

Note:  Rice cereals (ie. Rice Krispies)  also often use malt in their recipe.

Examples of cereals with hidden gluten
Always read ingredient labels

Products that should or could be gluten free can contain added gluten.   Beware of ingredients such as malt, ale, beer, oats, flour or wheat flour on the label as these contain gluten.


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