Can I live gluten-free in Singapore? 2017-10-15T22:46:04+00:00

Can I live gluten-free in Singapore?


You can live a very comfortable gluten-free life in Singapore.  The range of products available online and in the grocery stores is extensive.  As Singapore is a major business hub for the world, major grocery stores often carry gluten-free products from the USA, UK and Australia.

Eating outside the home is more challenging.  Restaurants and hawker centers are not yet consistently knowledgable about food intolerances or cross contamination, but there are some great places to go.

For up-to-date information on restaurants, products, travel and gluten-free life in Singapore, please visit One Degree Gluten Free. 1°GF is the lifestyle branch of Singapore Celiacs.  Join us for coffee mornings, evening events and classes.