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Bridget Marr (Dietician) will be giving a talk: Is it gluten or FODMAPs that cause my symptoms?  Bridget will be discussing other potential triggers to gut issues.

Special Guests 
• Madé Banana Flour will be introducing their locally produced gluten-free banana flour and answering questions.
• The Whole Kitchen is introducing their new GF Breads

Lucky Draw
• The Great Beer Experiment has donated a few gluten-free beers to give away.
• The Whole Kitchen is providing a gluten-free favorites to try.
• Banana Flour!

Everyone needs a little support. Whether is a good cup of coffee, lovely breakfast or some time to talk with people that understand with it is like to live gluten free in Singapore. This is the meet up for you!

Come join us for some friendly chatter. We know you have a busy schedule, so arrive any time after 10:00 and leave when you need to go. We will stick around until about 12:30 so you pop in for a little lunch if need be.

Are you a little aprehensive you don’t know anyone? No worries we are a friendly bunch. Just tell us you or a loved one is gluten free and pull up a chair. We are always happy to meet new people.