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Singapore Celiacs helps people survive and thrive on a gluten free diet.


¡Bienvenidos al Gluten Intolerance Group of Singapore! El Gluten Intolerance Group of Singapore es principalmente una comunidad de personas con enfermedad celiaca o con intolerancia al gluten. Nuestro objetivo principal es ser un grupo de apoyo para todas aquellas personas que deben seguir una dieta sin gluten por razones médicas, compartiendo información y [...]

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Bonjour et Bienvenue Bonjour et Bienvenue sur le site Gluten Intolerance Group of Singapore, la branche Singapourienne du groupe des intolerants au gluten Nous sommes un groupe de soutien et une communauté de coeliaques et intolérants au gluten. Nous avons rejoint récemment le groupe des intolérants au gluten (GIG) afin de vous proposer plus d’informations, et [...]

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A gluten-free tour of Mustafa You may have heard the name 'Mustafa' as an answer to where to find any given product in Singapore.  With a range of over 300,000 items, Mustafa carries anything and everything.  The biggest challenge is where to find what you are looking for in the enormous department [...]

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Diabetes Printer Friendly Version Introduction The link between celiac disease and type 1 diabetes mellitus is well known. There are different types of diabetes mellitus, but type 1 and celiac disease have a lot in common. They share some of the same genes, are activated by environmental triggers, have increased risk [...]

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Local Medical Practitioners and Registered Dietitians

Local Dietitians Specializing in Celiac Disease Bridget Marr, Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist Nutritional Solutions Office:  + 65 9665 3081 email: bridget@nutritionalsolutions.com.sg Karen Wright, Registered Dietitian with a special interest in paediatrics and allergy The Food Clinic Office: 96610187 email: enquiries@thefoodclinc.com.sg Local Medical Practitioners Singapore Gastroenterologists with an interest in Coeliac Disease  (details correct [...]

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