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Singapore Celiacs helps people survive and thrive on a gluten free diet.


Are communion wafers gluten free? nope.

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Shopping for gluten free food

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Are Oats Safe on a Gluten-Free Diet? Different countries have different recommendations for oats in a gluten-free diet. Until recently, it has been recommended for someone with celiac disease to avoid oats as strictly as they would wheat, barley, and rye. Some confusion still lingers –  oats are on some lists of ingredients to avoid [...]

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Gluten-Free Travel We are moving this information to One Degree Gluten Free!

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Unsafe Ingredients

Unsafe Ingredients Grains which should NOT be eaten and the ingredients derived from them Wheat grain: spelt, kamut, emmer, einkorn, semolina, atta, wheat bran, wheat germ, triticale, durum, faring, matzo, couscous Hydrolyzed wheat protein Wheat starch (unless labeled gluten free) Barley grain and barley flour Malt, malt extract, malt flavoring Rye [...]

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Testing for Celiac Disease

Testing for Celiac Disease  Printable Sheet Testing is based on antibody tests and small intestine duodenal biopsies. A person with coeliac disease produces antibodies to gluten when eaten, which can be measured. As coeliac disease is an important medical condition, with lifelong implications, getting a definite diagnosis is essential. It is [...]

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Sourdough Bread

Is sourdough bread gluten-free? You may have heard that traditional sourdough bread is gluten-free, is this true? Information on the internet claims that the fermentation of sourdough bread renders the gluten harmless and is it safe to eat for people with celiac disease.  This statement has a grain of truth, but must not be [...]

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Celiac in Asia

Does celiac disease affect the asian population? The short answer is:  Yes.   Especially if one or more autoimmune conditions (Type 1 Diabetes, autoimmune thyroid) is already present. Coeliac disease (CD), originally thought to be largely confined to Northern Europe and Australasia and uncommon in North America and the Middle East, is now [...]

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Restaurant Dining

Restaurant Dining Please note:  A gluten-free menu is not a guarantee for a celiac safe meal.  It is the diner's responsibility to speak with the chef and determine if they are comfortable with the knowledge of the staff and control for cross contact.    We have moved our restaurant information to a [...]

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Cold Storage

Cold Storage Wellness4Life by Cold Storage offers a wide variety of healthier options and suitable alternatives for consumers who are conscious about health.  Having its own dedicated shelves for certified and naturally gluten free (GF) products, Wellness4Life section is family friendly too!  Check out their alternative range for: Breakfast cereals and energy [...]

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